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I like to make things...

How gratifying it is to translate an idea into an object, a vision into a unique item with special meaning ... this represents the beginning and the end of every project.

You are invited to visit my portfolio and propose your ideas, together we can bring them to life.



Lisa Fulton, I wouldn't be still enjoying wood if it wasn't for your support, warmth and confidence in what I can make with my hands.
I am blessed for having such an amazing agent.

A special thanks goes to you, Jason Wang. Many of my crazy projects wouldn't have been carried out without you. You have an artistic eye, a great attention to details, but nobody beats your expertise with any type of material, machines and technology. Since I am a proud member of the FabLab community I feel my woodworking has grown tremendously in all senses.

Patrizia Rossi, you are often the first to look at my work. And you're the one to give me support and feedback, to take pictures of my work, and to give me that strength that is so precious for me to keep going.

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